So if you have been keeping a close eye at Epic and the work they are doing with Unreal Engine, you might have seen that they are working on creating real-time MetaHumans. Some of the work can be seen on their CGI characters Senua (Hellblade II) and Siren. They have…

A weekly rant of what’s been on my mind. Exploring the world of technology and building digital products while navigating the life as a new dad 🖖🏻

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Welcome to Inside My Head

This is a newsletter written by me Linus Ekenstam. I’m a dad first, technologist second. I’m currently building [in…

Unreal Engine 5 — Demo Curtesy of Epic Games.

The next generation gaming engine shows off a real-time demo running on a Playstation 5. And it’s gorgeous.

Ever wondered what the future of game engines are going to look like? Stop and look no further. This is the current state of affairs, the ball of wax, nine yards.

Before we even get going you need to watch the 9 min demo and see for yourself. …

Here are some useful resources, links and material that should be widely spread and shared, these are factual links, from world leading epidemiologist and authors with +20 years of experience in epidemic research.

First case of COVID19 in the USA.

Lecture from LSHTM

Gabriel Leung, Lecture from London School of Hygine & Tropical Medicine. This is one of the most…

Effortless Investment — Invest today’s change in tomorrow.

Bamboo in the works.

After months and months of hard work. 🎉 We are today proud to announce that the Bamboo App is now available for download on iOS App Store 📱.

VR, the way it was supposed to be. Varjo is an XR startup from Finland ready to change the world of human+computer, taking us one step closer to fully immersive experiences that are hard to tell from reality.

Andre Benz Unsplash

This time last year, I tried what was then a very bulky, heavy, tethered VR headset prototype from the finish startup company Varjo. …

Let’s get back to the beginning. I’ll try to walk you through how, over past five months we have gone from a blank canvas to a look & feel that have allowed us to progress on product and on our internal culture when it comes to design. Let’s begin our story.

Our design journey, and exploration in time and space.

Exploring, inclusive design & fast iteration.

So when I joined Bamboo earlier this year I’d just left a highly collaborative environment at as one of their first product designers, seeing and helping the design team there to grow from a select few to 20+ people. …

There are so many lists out there, “7 point to do this”, “11 ways to improve that”, I’m guilty of at least one. Now I’m finding myself failing on the very thing that set me up for success, my morning ritual.

Optimize your morning ritual.

To understand that there is no such thing as “waking on the wrong side”, it’s all about your own willpower. You’ll learn that the way you spend your first waken hour sets the tone for the rest of the day. By taking the first 15 minutes to get your body…

A vision on how to build a better and more sustainable way of living. In the 21st century, an era that is fast paced and full of young eclectic millennial that adventures on a global scale. Finding a solution to the problem of growing demand for affordable homes will be a decade long uphill battle.

Stephane Malka of Malka Architecture envisioned these modular social housing solution in Tanger.

Shortage in affordable rentals

From Stockholm to Barcelona, affordable apartments are hard to find. If you managed to find one, consider yourself lucky. For the rest of us mortals, the reality is more harsh. In Stockholm getting a contract on a rental apartment currently takes about nine years on average. Prime locations could be…

Seven pillars of conversation. Designing bots? writing user journeys? This is an intro to things to consider while doing that.

HER — Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) becomes fascinated with a new operating system which reportedly develops into an intuitive and unique entity in its own right. He starts the program and meets “Samantha”…

When designing conversations keep these seven things in mind:

1. Engage: Be responsive and poignant. Reply if not interrupting.
2. Recall: Be aware of context. Listen, don’t ask things you already know.
3. Anticipate: Be predictive when possible.
4. Adapt: Conversation is organic, it flows, it has a rhythm. It’s not mechanistic or rule based.
5. Reflect: Repeat important pieces of information to…

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