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Copygram. Next level of web application launch.

2 weeks ago we released our early BETA of next.copygr.am into the wild, and the response has been overwhelming. We’ve been in the Back-up business, Content business and most lately in the printing business. We’ve tinkered a lot, and we like it. So the result after almost two years of tinkering with Instagram primarily is what we call next.

Linus Ekenstam
3 min readSep 9, 2013


Pay a visit to next.copygr.am to see for yourself.

What is next.

Next is a web based discovery platform for Instagram content. Next is a extension of our two year of tinkering, trying and modifying what we believe Instagram should be all about. Copygram Next is about keeping focus on your content, your memories and your cluster. A way of prolonging your historical archive and make your content live outside of your mobile phone. Next is all about making your content visible in a way the mobile screen never can.

This is what we envisioned a Super Search for Instagram would look like.
Blue Bottle Coffee in
San Francisco
The High Line in
New York
Google Ventures in
San Francisco

Online Instagram Search, Locations, Users & Hashtags.

In the era of API’s we rely heavily on the rules of the Instagram API. However we made stuff that Instagram don’t have on their web platform. One of them is an online search, that not only let you search for users but also locations. This opens up a brand new way of exploring and also a way for business owners to see what people upload geo tagged to their businesses.

Not only businesses.

Every place that has ever been GEO tagged with a photo on Instagram now has it’s own stream of constant updating photos. Not ever have this been done at this scale, touristy heavy locations see the most updated streams but also popular restaurants and other locations.

Multiple accounts.

Another awesome thing we managed to create is the ability to add multiple accounts, that comes in handy too marketers and multiple account users that need to have an easy way of switching and maintaing different accounts or clients. Since it’s super simple to like and comment through Copygram Next this is something we really believe is differentiating us from our competitors.

The Multiple Accounts in action showed here.

Why Instagram.

Ever since the first time we laid eyes on Instagram back in late 2010 we’ve been in love with the simplicity of the app. The community is the first in the 21st century that takes action outside of the digital world, we meet so many great, fantastic and interesting people through the community, and we felt like it was here we could give back. Put it down simply, we love photography, and Instagram is all about that.

Tryout the Next Copygram

Thank you for reading and looking into Copygram Next, if you are interested in trying out the platform for your self, simply browse to http://next.copygr.am and give it a whip.

If you are interested in writing about us, please just do so, your own thoughts and words are highly wanted. If you want to ask questions email me at linus@copygr.am or tweet me at @LinusEkenstam

Now it’s time for me to get on with working on future feature releases on Next, thank your for your time.

— for those about to rock, we salut you.



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