We need a revolution in the real-estate industry. Modular, eco-sustainable, affordable housing is on the rise.

A vision on how to build a better and more sustainable way of living. In the 21st century, an era that is fast paced and full of young eclectic millennial that adventures on a global scale. Finding a solution to the problem of growing demand for affordable homes will be a decade long uphill battle.

Stephane Malka of Malka Architecture envisioned these modular social housing solution in Tanger.

Shortage in affordable rentals

The 12 floating units from Urban Rigger and BIG in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Who wants to be in debt?

CPH Village in Copenhagen, Denmark — another student housing project currently being developed.

Co-living, not just room sharing.

Learning from the automative industry

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Henry Ford

Kasita from Portland, USA.

Deploy modular homes in urban environments

Kasita deployed in an urban environment.

Deploying modular homes in less urban environments

Units stacked to create a common garden or courtyard with loads of private terraces and sense of community. example from Poshtel.
Concept video from Poshtel
Placing a 27 sqm unit on floating stands in a country side environment.

Learning from software development and digital product design

Coodo — Home of the future.

What are the next steps?

Up next.

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